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NEW Pillbox version is live! 2.0.11 — Updated data import process.

Pillbox is an easy way to manage medication lists. Created by Community Health Network, Pillbox allows you to keep track of you and your family’s medication list on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Stay on Schedule
Pillbox presents a weekly view allowing patients to see each day what medication they need to take and when they need to take it. Once the medication is taken as prescribed, a simple touch allows the user to mark that it’s been taken– no more trying to remember!

Medication Information
Pillbox links each medication to an informative database giving you information on each medication entered into the application (Internet Connection Required)

Allergy List
Users can list allergies. In case of an emergency, they or a family member can easily provide medical personnel with Pillbox providing them this key information, along with the patient personal home medication list.

Multiple Profiles
Keeping track of your own medications can be a difficult task, but keeping track of your family’s medications can be even more difficult. Pillbox allows you to keep separate lists for each family member.

Doctor List
Keep a list of physicians and their specialty associated with each profile.

Pillbox is a free application, and is intended to make tracking multiple medications easier and more convenient.

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