Pillbox Version 2 is now live!

Pillbox 2.0.1 went live in the Apple App Store June 22!*

What’s NEW in Version 2.0:

  • Written for iOS4
  • Medication allows for selection of specific time
  • Ability to add allergy information
  • Ability to store prescription number and pharmacy
  • Simplified medication scheduling
  • Ability to specify form of medication (pill, tablet, capsule, etc)
  • Ability to add notes to medication
  • Ability to add doctors not listed in your contact list
  • Added personalization for each user
  • Minor bug fixes identified from version 1.0

*All version 1.0 users will be automatically notified, when the dock and synchronize their iPod, iPad, iPhone devices that the upgraded version 2.0 can be instantly downloaded at no expense.

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Pillbox Update Now Live

We are happy to report that Pillbox 1.1 is live in the iTunes App Store. This release fixes some reported bugs and adds a couple of small enhancements. Click through for a link to the update.

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Pillbox Support Update

We have received an enormous amount of feedback on version 1 of Pillbox. This post is a quick update on some of the bugs and feature requests sent to our support team.

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Pillbox is ready for Download

Just a quick update to annouce that Pillbox is now live in the iTunes app store!

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Pillbox on Inside Indiana Business

Dan Rench, Vice President of e-Business at Community Health Network stopped by Inside Indiana Business to speak with Barbara Lewis about myCommunity Pillbox.

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Video Overview

A quick update including the video we put together for this year’s World Health Care Congress Leadership Summit.

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Pillbox Status

A quick update – pillbox has been approved by Apple, and is pending contract. Expect to see it soon!

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Pillbox to go live this week!

We are working out a couple of last minute bugs right now, but we hope to get pillbox submitted to Apple this week. You can stay tuned by signing up for email updates below!

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Coming Soon to the App Store!

I am Brian, Director of New Media at Community Health Nework. We will be launching PIllBox soon. Be sure to subscribe to the PillBox RSS feed, and be one of the first to know.

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